About The Institute

T he Bay Area Tumor Institute is a non-profit California corporation dedicated to preventing cancer and to improving the treatment and care of adult and pediatric cancer patients in Alameda County and in geographically related areas of Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area. All major medical centers and hospitals, as well as most cancer specialists and oncology nurses in the region, participate in the cancer programs of the Institute.

The patient services of the Bay Area Tumor Institute are designed for residents of California’s San Francisco East Bay Area (Alameda and Contra Costa Counties), and would not be appropriate for those residing in other geographic areas. Nurses working throughout the Bay Area, however, may find the educational programs of the Institute suit their continuing education needs. The Institute provides cancer patients and medical professionals with new and advanced investigational treatments approved by the National Cancer Institute conducts basic and advanced continuing education programs for oncology nurses, provides fresh tissue to basic research scientists, and participates in nationwide cancer prevention research trials.

The Bay Area Tumor Institute is an independent organization that is governed by 30 East Bay cancer specialists, business executives, and civic leaders who serve as volunteer directors. The Institute’s local orientation makes it responsive to current community needs, and 100% of the funds given to the Institute remain in the community. More than 200 physicians, nurses and other volunteers enable the Institute to provide all patient related and research services free of charge. Independently audited financial statements report that 92% of all financial contributions are directly devoted to cancer programs.

The major cancer programs of the Bay Area Tumor Institute include: